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Welcome to the official Web site of Leigh Rubin's Rubes® Cartoons. This year, Rubes® celebrates its 32nd anniversary! Rubes is syndicated in more than 400 newspapers and other publications worldwide. Rubes® Cartoons are distributed internationally by
Creators Syndicate.

In addition to print, Rubes® also has appeared on television and the big screen. Rubes® also played a part in the popular "Got Milk?" advertising campaign. For more information, see our news page. See our store to purchase any of the Rubes® Cartoon Collections.

So what does Leigh do when he's not chained to his drawing table? Why, he's probably out gallavanting about all over the country at one his many funny and
entertaining speaking events!

Meet Leigh in:

Verona, Madison, Milwaukee,
Green Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin!

For more details see the Speaking Events page.
Leigh Rubin

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"Leigh Rubin is a master of the visual pun. His Rubes cartoons take everyday situations and twist them into pure fun and enjoyment. Leigh was invited to be the kick-off speaker at the International Listening Association's 33rd Annual Convention and had everyone in the audience intently listening with both their ears and their eyes. His cartoons are visually simple yet convey a depth of understanding of both life and humor. It was a morning to remember for all who were present and we thank him for setting the pace for a very successful conference and convention."
Alan R. Ehrlich, CLP,
International Listening Association
"Leigh spoke to our sales team and provided some much needed comic relief from our otherwise serious and intense meeting. Leigh has a way of making you forget all your troubles and causing you to view situations in a whole new and light-hearted way. We had a very enjoyable afternoon of non-stop side-splitting humor that we will not soon forget!"
Jay Hardy, CEO
Hardy Diagnostics, Santa Maria, CA
"Leigh Rubin is a raconteur, a teacher, an artist, and oh yes, a wonderful cartoonist! He is also a captivating speaker, incredibly generous with his time, and accessible to everyone. He is, in short, an absolute delight. We hope that Leigh comes back to our campus soon!"
Phil O'Donoghue
Ovations Speaker Series Coordinator,
Assistant Professor English/Theater,
Springfield Technical Community College,
Springfield, MA
"College students can be tough audience members but Leigh Rubin captivated us from the beginning of his talk at Oregon State University. His cartoons tickle a universal funny bone without offending anyone, which is almost impossible to do. Oregon State University Student Media learned that even doodling pays off when you put your (twisted) mind to it."
Julia Sandidge
Student Media Director,
Oregon State University
"Thanks again for your fantastic keynote address at our Assessor's Offsite Training Conference on November 2. Your presentation was very engaging and entertaining! The reviews have all been very positive. Your wit and unique perspective of everyday situations in your cartoons gave the audience a new, lighter view of the various facets of life that we all experience. Your brand of humor and whimsical art demonstrated to our staff that comedy can be found anywhere if you approach it from the proper angle. What a great way to start the day! You played a large role in making this the most successful training conference we've ever had."
Rebecca Ross, Chair, Offsite Planning Committee, Office of the Assessor, County of Santa Clara, CA.

Rubes Playing Cards
Rubes Playing Cards

The official deck of playing cards features 52 wacky Rubes cow cartoons from the twisted world of Leigh Rubin!

Please contact the editor of your local newspaper if you would like to see Rubes® in your local paper.

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